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20.06.2012, 17:00

New Autolab PGSTAT302F

Switchable floating mode Potentiostat/Galvanostat


Metrohm Autolab introduces the new Autolab PGSTAT302F, a switchable floating version of the PGSTAT302N. This instrument can be used both in normal mode (in which case the working electrode is floating) or in so-called floating mode (in which case the working electrode is physically connected to ground). A switch is located on the backplane of the instrument and the instrument can be toggled between the two modes at any time.

The PGSTAT302F can be used for normal electrochemical measurements as well as measurements in which the working electrode is directly connected to ground. It can also be used when the cell itself is grounded. Hydrogen permeation experiments are possible with two PGSTAT302F instruments operated in floating mode. In this type of experiment, both potentiostats are connected to the same working electrode. An application note on this topic is available here.

The PGSTAT302F can be fitted with the FRA32M impedance analyzer module. This instrument is controlled using the NOVA software.