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06.01.2012, 16:00

New FRA32M impedance analyzer module

Metrohm Autolab introduces the FRA32M impedance analyzer module. The FRA32M is our new impedance analyzer module for the modular PGSTAT series and the Multi Autolab series. It replaces the FRA2 module.

Designed for high frequency measurements, the FRA32M module can generate sinewaves at frequencies between 10 µHz and 32 MHz. However, when used in combination with the Autolab PGSTAT, the maximum achievable frequency is 1 MHz. Measurements involving external devices are not affected by this bandwidth limitation and can achieve the highest frequency limit.

Compared to the FRA2 module, the new FRA32M module only occupies one slot in the PGSTAT or the the Multi Autolab.

The FRA32M is controlled through the powerful NOVA software.