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12.10.2012, 10:57

Metrohm awards poster prizes at Electrochemistry 2012

This year, Metrohm and Metrohm Autolab again awarded poster prizes at Electrochemistry 2012, which took place September 17 through 19, 2012 in Munich, Germany under the motto "Fundamental and Engineering Needs for Sustainable Development." More than 400 scientists discussed current research work and developments in the areas of new battery types and electrochemical storage concepts, fuel cells and electrocatalysis, corrosion protection and electrochemical analysis, synthesis and production.

Awards were presented for the three best posters out of a total of more than 160 that were displayed:
"KPFM investigations on polysiloxane coated gold and glass substrates using pure and functionalized cantilevers"
Kerstin Schmale
University of Münster
Prof. Wiemhöfer’s research group

"Electrochemical preparation and structural characterization
of graphite intercalation compounds for electrochemical energy storage devices"
Sergej Rothermel
University of Münster
Prof. Winter’s research group

"Electrochemical transformation of lignin at different electrode materials"
Dominik Schmitt
University of Mainz
Prof. Waldvogel’s research group

The posters were selected by the poster committee, which was made up of the members of the scientific board:

Prof. Heinzel
Prof. Lisdat
Dr. Mangold
Prof. Schuhmann
Prof. Wittstock