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18.10.2013, 08:00

New Nova minor release (Version 1.10.3)

Nova release 1.10.3 is now available for download (registered users only). This is a minor update of the released version 1.10.

The software can be downloaded here (registration required): link.

Release information (minor release):

  • Support for Metrohm Sample Processors in 64 Bit versions of Windows.
  • Increment parameter and Increment parameter with signal commands back in the Control group of command.
  • Single instance of Cutoff option.
  • Integrate between markers.
  • Import .ecc equivalent circuit from old FRA software.
  • Import/Export NOVA equivalent circuits.
  • New format for Message box and Input box commands.
  • Subfolder structure in Procedure browser.
  • Multiple errors/warnings validation tooltip in the procedure editor.

More information can be found here.
More information on previous releases of NOVA can be found here.