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26.11.2012, 11:30

New Nova release (Version 1.9)

Nova release 1.9 is now available for download (registered users only). This release comes with a lot of great new features:

  • Improved support for long term measurements
  • Support for 64 Bit versions of Windows
  • Active profile indication in the status bar
  • Hidden commands warning
  • Check for updates on startup
  • Linkable cutoff value in procedure editor
  • Power and resistance signals added to the signal sampler
  • WE(X).Charge signal added to the signal sampler
  • Automatic offset DAC control
  • Internal dummy cell control for the PGSTAT101 and the M101
  • Optional serial number in legend
  • Linkable purge time
  • Procedure editor in Multi Autolab view
  • iR drop correction analysis tool/command
  • File extension identification in Import GPES data command
  • Dedicated Avantes spectrometers support
  • Frequencies per decade distribution in the FRA frequency scan editor
  • Consolidation of the Wait time (s) and Wait time (μs) commands
  • Distributed circuit element added to Fit and Simulation tool
  • Clear measurement plot command

On top op of all the above: a whole new set of tutorials available from the Help menu.

The new version is available for download (registration required) here.